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Pink Zebra

Pink Zebra

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Introducing Pink Zebra – the captivating gem that embraces the power of balance and stability. Like its striped namesake, Pink Zebra Stone effortlessly harmonizes opposing forces, creating a symphony of energies within you. Its divine essence nurtures both masculine and feminine aspects, paving the way for true harmony and integration. This mesmerizing stone aligns your chakras, allowing a free flow of energy and a profound sense of grounding. Embrace emotional stability as Pink Zebra soothes and balances your feelings, leaving you with a serene heart. Elevate your mental prowess with enhanced clarity and focus, as this gem restores equilibrium to your mind. Embrace the Pink Zebra's aura of energy, and watch as it revitalizes your being, both inside and out. Welcome to a world of stability and excitement, courtesy of Pink Zebra.


  • Zebra-Stone meaning: Zebra-Stone is a unique stone that provides a sense of security and stability.
  • It helps balance masculine and feminine energies (Yin and Yang), promoting harmony and integration.
  • It is believed to balance the chakras, helping to align and harmonize their energies.
  • It supports balance in the physical body, aiding in overall well-being and stability.
  • Zebra-Stone can assist in balancing emotions, fostering emotional stability and equilibrium.
  • It helps bring clarity and balance to the mind, promoting intellectual stability and focus.
  • Zebra-Stone is said to balance the etheric body, which is the energy body surrounding the physical body.



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