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Green fluorite

Green fluorite

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Unlock the magic of Green Fluorite - a sparkling gem that cleanses and refreshes your chakras, infusing you with a revitalizing energy that harmonizes your mind and heart. Experience the thrill of newfound inspiration as it sparks creativity, quick thinking, and ingenious problem-solving. Say farewell to negativity and embrace a sense of purity and renewal as this radiant crystal clears away the burdens of the past. But that's not all – Green Fluorite empowers you to rise above addictive behaviors and harmful influences, urging you to embrace a higher purpose and contribute to the greater good. Are you ready to embark on a journey of balance, purpose, and authenticity with Green Fluorite by your side? Unleash its transformative powers and unlock the boundless potential within you!


  • Cleansing and refreshing the chakras: It brings a revitalizing and fresh energy and also promotes their balance and well-being.
  • Inspiring new ideas and quick thinking and problem-solving.
  • Clearing negative energy and creating a sense of purity and renewal.
  • Serving higher purposes: Green Fluorite enables individuals to break free from addictive behaviors and harmful influences, empowering them to align their actions with a higher purpose and serve the greater good.
  • Harmonizing the mind and heart: By harmonizing thoughts, words, and actions, Green Fluorite ensures that individuals remain true to their authentic purpose, promoting alignment between the mind and heart.


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