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Aura Kiwi Jasper

Aura Kiwi Jasper

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Unlock the power of Kiwi Jasper and experience a transformative journey like never before! This incredible gemstone boasts a multitude of benefits that will leave you feeling revitalized and reconnected. As you embrace its enchanting energy, Kiwi Jasper effortlessly purifies your chakras, cleansing and harmonizing your inner being. Bid farewell to negativity as this miraculous stone absorbs and dissolves those unwanted energies, leaving you with a radiant aura. Prepare for a symphony of balance as Kiwi Jasper aligns your physical, emotional, and mental realms, guiding you towards holistic well-being. Embrace the shield of protection and the embrace of purification that this gem brings to your life. Embrace Kiwi Jasper, and let its captivating magic redefine your existence!


  • Kiwi Jasper helps to cleanse and align our chakras.
  • Cleanse our aura and can also absorb negative energies.
  • It balances and helps to align our physical, emotional and mental bodies. 
  • It provides Protection and purification.


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