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Aura Howlite

Aura Howlite

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Discover the captivating power of Howlite stone - your gateway to tranquility and inner balance! Embrace its calming properties as it effortlessly soothes anxiety, quiets an overactive mind, and restores serenity. With a unique ability to balance the crown chakra, Howlite connects you to higher realms and promotes a sense of spiritual harmony. Its mesmerizing beauty is further elevated by the ethereal Angel Aura coating, enhancing the crystal's energy and radiating an enchanting aura. Embrace the beauty and allure of Howlite and unlock a world of peace and harmony within yourself.


  • Howlite stone used for its calming properties
  • Balances the crown chakra
  • Calms an overactive mind
  • Soothes anxiety and restlessness
  • Encourages tranquility
  • Angel aura coating enhances the crystal's energy
  • Beautiful and enchanting appearance
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