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Discover the enchanting world of Amethyst! This mystical gem has captivated hearts for centuries, revered not only for its stunning purple allure but also its awe-inspiring properties. Used as a crystal ball for divination, it holds the power of foresight and predictions. A guardian of peace and wisdom, wearing or keeping Amethyst close shields against anxiety, anger, curses, and jealousy. Its calming aura makes it a must-have during meditation, while its reputed ability to balance hormones supports expectant mothers through pregnancy. Unlock its hidden wonders and indulge in the allure of Amethyst - a gem that protects, balances, and radiates prosperity with a touch of magic!


  • Amethyst has been used as a crystal ball for divination and making predictions.
  • Protection and Balancing: Wearing or keeping amethyst close is believed to provide protection from anxiety, anger, curses, and jealousy. It is thought to bring about a sense of prosperity, peace, and wisdom.
  • Amethyst has a calming effect on the mind and is often used during meditation practices. 
  • Hormonal Balance: It is believed to help balance hormones throughout pregnancy.
  • It is sometimes used in skincare remedies.


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